A few weeks ago I asked my friends if anyone had a 15x8j ET0 wheel I could borrow to test fit. A friend said he had some from a Civic EK which I could use. With the wheel mounted, I was pleasantly surprised how well they fit but they had too much stretch for my liking.

With the wheel size sorted I ordered the wheels I had my eye on, Autostar Classic. I also got my hands on a scrap 195/50 tyre to fit so I could check for fitment and clearance.

Uh...something isn't quite right

Turns out the wheels I had borrowed were infact 15x8.25j ET20...doh! Thats what I get for not checking the back of the wheels I borrowed before spending money :(

The wheels were put up for sale and sold within a couple of days cries

Inbetween flicking through yahoo autions, facebook market place and eBay I decided to carry on working on the Impul bumper.

The undertray and brackets received a coat of Tough Satin Black (same paint I used for the engine bay). I then assembled it together with the new stainless flat headed bolts

I also fitted some rubber U channel trim to tidy it up and fit the mesh. I didn't go with the fibreglass route because it still needs painting

I also used the same bolts to fit the bumper to the car, allowing more room and clearance for the grille

You probably spotted the import number plate mounted central too


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