Its been a busy couple of weeks

I'll start off by sharing a Mighty Car Mods inspired poster I created. I'll update the car when its eventually finished and I'll get it printed and framed to go along side my Mira and Super Turbo posters. Finding a background image was the most challenging, I decided to use the Hakone Skyline

You may remember me mentioning about the pattern part clutch cable feeling really stiff/sticky and half way of the pedal travel it suddenly springs up. I removed the cable to spray (more) white grease down it because it had started to play up again. Upon removal it had seen better days

The question was, do I refit another pattern part cable or go genuine? The thought of having to do this all again in a few months put me off so I rang the local dealer. £89.45 and 24 hours later I had a new cable in my hands (I still haven't gotten over the price)

I moaned and moaned about the price but it was 100% worth it. The pedal is now feather light and feels soooo much better. Hopefully this lasts a substantial while

Another boring job was to replace the melted and cracked headlight plug

You may ask why didn't I fit a ceramic plug? Well, the ones we sell at work aren't a great fit and I've had to cut away at the ceramic to make it fit in the past. If it happens again I'll search else where and buy one.

While we're talking about repairs, it seemed like an appropriate time to finally sort out the broken Almera air box. The majority of the neck plastic had broken off and the airbox would rock.

I managed to find some black PVC tubing from a local drainage company and plastic welded it on. I also blanked the pipe on the side and the inlet side which had a piece broken too.

The new pipe was much bigger than the original so I purchased a 90>70mm reducer from eBay. The listing image showed the reduction alot smaller (like a Radius wheel bolt, but instead its a 60 degree taper). I've trimmed the hose as much as I could but it's made the airbox too tall for the strut brace to be refitted. I'll look into sourcing another hose later on but for now it'll do.

Another job I needed to tick off the ever growing to-do list was to paint the centre console. An all grey/silver dash becomes boring rather quickly. I decided to try and paint fade for the first time, didn't come out too bad I think :)

I also replaced the cig lighter with a twin USB outlet and volt gauge


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