Wednesday this week I had my first track day at Snetterton accompanied by some friends (Supra Mk4, Fiesta ST and Mini One)

It had been awhile since I had done a track day (Snetterton 2015 and Lotus Test Track 2016, both in the purple MX5)

The day started out overcast with a drizzle of rain on the sighting laps. Spent the morning avoiding getting in the way of everyone else

I think the majority of the time was figuring out which gears to use for each corner,cornering speeds, braking distance, when to accelerate out of the corner etc Theres so much to think about without realising.

After lunch things started to improve as the track become quieter. I was very surprised the brakes hadn't boiled up, it was a good decision to get the fluid flushed through with Dot 5.1 a couple of weeks prior. I was still on the Pagid discs and ADL Blueprint brake pad, they survived the day and got me home. Probably because I eased onto them rather than braking late, which obviously effected 'times' and flow

The Avon ZV7 tyres held up pretty good too. After a couple of outings I dropped the pressures to 29-30psi and left them at that. Whether I should have increased/decreased them more I'm unsure?

As expected the car struggled on the straights,purley because of the 1.0L gearbox. Quickest I got down the back straight was 95mph backing off at the first brake marker (again, didn't want to kill the brakes)

Confidence was much higher towards the end of the day so switched on the GoPro for the last couple of outings. Still lots to learn but that will come with more seat time :)


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