In January I ordered quite a few items, some were made to order and with this on going pandemic things were a little slower than usual.

The first to arrive is the most marmite purchase. This was the whole reason I did the pre-facelift swap, JUST so I could have this bumper.

Blackflag-Labs were the suppliers, initially a 4 week wait for manufacture which then had an additional 4-5 weeks for delivery due to complications their end. Long story short, they changed from using a courier (broken body kits) to using 2 hired drivers who ended up leaving. The company who manufactured the bodykits were also arranging with the deliveries. After being told numerous times it would be delivered on X day, to then TNT delivering it on X day, a friend ended up collecting it for me.

Anyway, onto the fitting :)

I started off by making a template of the bumper on some sheet steel for an under tray. This will also help take any damage if I scrape or catch it.

With the shape roughly cut out I then fitted U fasteners/spire clips (what ever you wanna call them) around the edge and marked the holes ready for drilling.

I made the centre support out of some 25mm box section and angle iron (spare shelving from work haha). It was just too short to reach the middle of the bumper so made a bracket from the same sheet steel.

The lower section needed trimming to clear the bonnet catch support

I need longer bolts for the undertray but theres enough fitted to stop it going anywhere. It needs trimming a little bit to help clear the exhaust manifold, other than that its spot on.

I've just ordered these

The sides that mount to the wings need the hole bringing further in. The top contour line on the bumper should follow the grille/wing line. Because of this new mounting hole it pulls the corners in a little bit.

Sadly nothing I can do about that.

Next job is to remove the bumper once the new bolts have arrived and start attaching the mesh fixings. All of the brackets and the undertray will be painted too

Once I'm happy I'll start the prep ready for paint


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