, May 12, 2021

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Micra K11 Blog Entry 018

  •   2 min reads
Micra K11 Blog Entry 018

Spent a few more hours on the spare engine yesterday.

As a temporary measure I painted the stock exhaust manifold in VHT Black and half fitted the alternator (may have lost the lower bolt oops)

Rocker cover and coilpacks fitted (very happy with the colour choices)

Refitted some of the coolant and fuel hoses. I need to order some replacements as a couple got cut during the initial removal by a friend. He thought they were the same as the 1.0, turns out they're different.

The gearbox got a lick of paint too. The original plan was to paint it Smooth Black to match the bottom end and sump, but with the engine bay being black too I needed some more contrast

I've got a new crankshaft sensor to fit too which will be refitted once the engine and box are back in the car

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