The front and rear arches were rolled and the inner arches cleaned,wire brushed, rust treated and undersealed

The rear drums also got a coat of Smooth Black Hammerite

So the search for new wheels continued. I have been wanting to put a set of cool japanese wheels on the car since I bought it, but the realisation is I'm too impatient and the cost would be ridiculous. We'll ignore the fact I'm now on my 4th set of wheels so 'could' have had some by now lol

I read that 15x7j ET30 is a flush fitment but couldn't see what the tyre size would be. I didn't want stretched tyres because the car is built to be functional.

I had a look through Paul Li's K11 build thread and saw he uses 15x6.5j ET35 with 195/50 tyres. Speaking to Paul we found out we're both lowered approx 50mm (although he is on BC coilovers). This helped the decision greatly so I began looking to see what was available in these sizes.

Knowing the arches are now rolled a 7j was still an option. I had narrowed it down to these wheels

Rota Grid
Rota Slipstream
Rota 356 Wheels TFS3
Rota 356 Wheels TFS4
Japan Racing JR29

I reeeally wanted white wheels but I remembered how much of a pain the Work Meister S1s were on the MX5 to keep clean. When I checked stock levels they were out of stock of full sets too so that made the decision for me.

I once again narrowed it down and placed the order. For tyres my work colleague recommended Avon ZV7, he had these on his Audi S3 and couldnt say a bad word about them. Having been out in the car, I was impressed so it was great to have some experience with them.

The wheels and tyres arrived and I got the tyre bay next to my work to fit and balance them. Today (Weds 24th March) I fitted them to the car

The flat centre caps supplied won't fit because of the driveshaft thread/hub nut and the rear dust cover

I spoke with Driftworks who supplied the wheels and they said Rota don't make any large size centre caps for cars with this size hub nut.

I found these on eBay so I've ordered a single one to test fit, if all is well I'll order the others. Fingers crossed!


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