Hello everyone. My name is Link. I haven't posted, well, anything in a very long time. So I thought I'd start with something fairly simple, my past cars. Part 1 being the French ones.

I'm not going to count any I bought specifically for breaking, or I didn't insure and drive on the road. Except my donor and drift MX5s, but that'll get it's own post on it's own... eventually.

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Peugeot 306 (1998)

Not my actual car, I don't seem to have pictures of it.

Let's get this one out of the way to start with. Yes it's French. No, I didn't know better.

This was my first car and I bought it from my mum. At the time, she wanted a bigger car, so sold this to me. I bought it before I passed my test so I got to get some extra lessons in it, which is invaluable when learning to drive.

Didn't last long though. 3 weeks after passing my test, I had some classic Peugeot lift off oversteer. Which at 18, I had no idea how to correct, and I rolled it 2 and a half times into a field. By some miracle, I walked away with a few scratches. I did have a photo but that has been lost to time. And many hard drive migrations.

This was the first of 2 different cars to have neons fitted. Having grown up with Need for Speed, it was inevitable I was going to do this. They were legit neons in tubes though too and as bright as any LEDs you'd get today.

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Fiat Punto (1999?)

Again, not my car. Didn't take a photo of this one.

Yes, I know. Another French car. At the time, I needed a car ASAP. It was local, £400 and had a back box. I was all over this one. Oh, and a pink gear knob.

Not much to say about this one, lasted 3 months before the head gasket went and it was scrapped. I think this is where a love of tunnel runs came from with the exhaust it had.

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Renault Clio (2003)

Anther Google image. It's doesn't stay like this, promise.

My entire car history isn't French, the one after this is the last one. I think.

Another occasion when I just needed a car now. I didn't have the money at the time, so a trip to Available Car, a bit of financing later and I walked away with a 38,000 mile Clio.

Not much to say about this one, I learned to change a stereo on this car. Fitted more neons, LEDs this time, and drove it for a year. This is the car where I started to enjoy driving and wanted to do a little more.

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Citroen Saxo VTR (2002)

My actual car!

This is the last French one! This one is a bit more interesting that the others, as it is where I started modifying cars. Badly with zero taste at times but I did all the things I'd spent years of my childhood doing in Need for Speed and from watching Fast and Furious films. There are some things here I'm genuinely proud of, and some I'd rather not speak of.

I was on a budget okay? Green spray paint was cheap so I just went at it. But, there's a lot of positives I can take from this car. I made the grille with the mesh myself. Cut the bumper (badly) myself. It was the first car I'd ever worked on or modified and I learnt a lot from it.

It encouraged me to try a lot of things I'd never even thought about before too. Thanks to online guides, back when forums were still used and were a wealth of knowledge. Such as splitting the headlights and painting the chrome inserts black. I even made my own guide at one point.

The long term goal here was to build a track car. The VTR was a good base to start with, having a little more power over a stock one but less valves than the VTS. Ultimately, this would never come to fruition. After noticing one of my front wheels looked odd, and still not knowing a great deal about cars, I took it to a garage.

Rust. Lots of rust. Basically, it was so rusty, it was amazing it was still in one piece. So I scrapped it. Well, broke it for parts and scrapped what was left. Which was a good learning experience. I got to take apart much more of the car than I'd done before. Shocks, springs, dash etc.

Which leads me onto my 5th car, which will be in part 2...


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