Déjà vu...

Its funny how life can bring you round in one large circle, sometimes you end up where you started.

This was the case with the latest purchase, my very first car was a green 1.0L pre-facelift Micra K11. Being heavily into Japanese cars throughout High School I wanted something that was different but could be modified. I owned the car for a year but only drove it on a full driving licence for 6 months.All was well until an RTC ended its life.

Here's a photo of it during its prime

I didn't want to part with alot of the modifications I had fitted so I was on the look out for another K11. I stumbled across a red Facelift for sale, this time it was the 1.3 model, the only draw back was it was a 5 door (we all know a 3 door looks better). But I didn't let this put me off.

I owned the car for 4.5 years and the spec list was pretty large, I had spent quite alot of money on it and to be honest I still miss the car to this day.

The car received 2 magazine features during this time, Banzai and Total Nissan.

The second K11 was a huge stepping stone in learning about car mechanics, electrical wiring and paint. Although my knowledge was still very limited I did learn alot.

I was 22 and the craving for more power had struck. At this point the clutch needed changing, front cross member replacing and the car could have done with a full respray. I couldn't justify spending more money on it so I decided to part it out and continue the quest for more power but with a different car.

For the next 6 years I had built a Turbocharged MX5 Mk1, a Supercharged MX5 Mk1, a N/A MX5 Mk1 before parting out the Supercharged MX5 to buy my dream car, a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT.


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