So we went all gungho removing stuff from the engine bay way back when I first got the shell off Painterdave one of the first things that went was the scuttle panel... so tidier firewall area.... more difficulty hiding stuff... and for the wipers this was 2 fold, First, cos that panel is what the standard wiper motor mounts to, even on the last bankrupcty I still used that panel for this, ok, I flipped the motor and adjusted the linkages to get the motor inside the cavity, but that panel was still used. and second, that area being all nice and sealed off hid the ugly standard wiper linkage.

No problem... I'll put it all behind the dash and put loooong spindles in for the wipers.... Dammit, now I want a stripped out interior, .. no dash to hide stuff under hmmmmm

ok... how about I make the linkage pretty? yeah, that will work right? so after consuming a few coffees with Mick and Bear, we came up with a plan.. ok , we came up with 3 plans... but seeing as I'm chief idiot on this build, we are trying mine first.

Idiot plan 1 - Hide Wiper motor, use carbon for the linkage.

Carbon tubes were procured, along with some rosejoints, and more cardboard - starting to go through that stuff at a rate of knots....

usual fun. Cardboard, cut, grind, weld, with the additions of epoxy and fiddling with getting motor in exactly the right place. you see there is a handy cavity up in the corner, but to get the bulk of the motor in there you gotta be pretty sure where you are going. anyway... some time later.... especially after rebuilding the pivots the hard way (I dont wanna talk about it)


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