We are going to Japfest 2014

So…. Japfest 2014 has been announced and we are gonna have a stand there 😀

Dorifuto Ring Sticker

So Sketchy came up with a pretty good idea 😀 how about a tongue in cheek poke at those Nurburgring stickers  that you see on the back of Corsas? you know the ones 😉 How about a Stylized image of a roundabout, and “Roundabout” instead of “Nurburgring”

Sweet Ride!! community cards

You know how it goes, you are somewhere minding your own business, then you suddenly come across a gem, snuggled up in the supermarket car park, or out on the street. so you introduce yourself to her, and take a few pics on your phone

For Christmas we want…….. A Vinyl Cutter

So we’ve been struggling for a while, we’ve been having loads of great ideas for stickers and other merchandise (This is a good thing) but to get anything made we are a bit restricted, minimum numbers, the desire to do 1 or 2 tests first,

‘Punks Warchest Announcement

( This post is copied from the thread on the forum) Well I think we have had a very successful end to the year 🙂 trax, although wet, was a huge step for us 🙂 25 cars on our first stand is bloody impressive, and

So you wanna do a ZOMBIE drift day?

So, we are we are having The Drifting Dead DWYB day, so our usual list of items to take to DWYB just won’t cut it! Luckily IsoMX has a fully prepped list for us, so in addition to the list for a normal drift day you

So you wanna go to a drift what you brung day…

So you wanna go to a drift what you brung day… but you dunno what to take, what you’ll need, what to expect? lets try and answer all those for you 😀 First and foremost, DWYB is friendly….. Very friendly. This is a great social

More activity behind the scenes…

Improving Combustionpunks The past couple of weeks has been busy behind the scenes here at Combustionpunks. We have done a lot of housework, removing a couple of other websites that were running on the same server to give us a bit more breathing space, and