, August 01, 2021

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Kara PT6 - Preparing for the distant V8 plans

  •   2 min reads
Kara PT6 - Preparing for the distant V8 plans

Otherwise known as chopping up and reinforcing the front chassis legs.

True, this is not needed immediately, but when we get to the V8 swap in a few years it should hopefully mean that we dont need to cut apart and repaint the enginebay again.

All in all , the seam around innerside of the chassis legs has bee removed and welded up, sections have been removed from the rear corners to gain clearance, and built up with 3mm steel.

Now we've got these in, we need to add some more gussets  although using 3mm sheet for the main plates has lessened the need slightly... and do a hell of a lotta work on tidying up stuff.... but that will all be in the future. stay tuned :D

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