, May 12, 2021

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Punkin Donuts

  •   1 min read
Punkin Donuts

Continuing our assault on our back-log of sticker ideas, here is Punkin Donuts 😀 I’d love to take credit for this idea, but I cannot.

I cannot believe I missed this idea! seriously! I had seen the “Dunkin Donuts” Logo, and made the next logical step to “Driftin Donuts” and was doing the art work for it 😀 but then I went to the Mighty Car Mods Meet and someone had already done this.

Then a couple of weeks later Sketchy messaged me with the idea for “Punkin Donuts” I went into full face palm. HTF did i not think of that? awww come on brain!
So I pulled out the graphics I had started for my “Driftin donuts” and started adapting it to Sketchys brain bomb 😀 the result is what you see here, (and can buy from our store) The “Punkin Donuts” sticker, almost as tasty as the donuts that inspired it*. Available in a choice of layers,colours and sizes. Made in cut vinyl at UV stable so shouldn’t fade away In the sun.

*Tasty to the eyes only, product is not edible, I know, I’ve tried, my mouth didn’t like it as much as my eyes did.


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