So you will probably all be aware of the format of the Super Peaks Meets by now… its quite a simple premise, choose a spot in the peaks, a few ‘Punks organise a convoy from their hometown, we have a meal, a bit of a chat, maybe a convoy to another venue… easy right? Then how the hell do we manage to mess it up?

This time we did try really hard… we took lessons learnt from previous peaks meets… We didn’t push it to hard, so we didn’t have to try and house over 60 cars…. we kept it simple and play it by ear so we didn’t have to stress about 3 or 4 stops and massive convoys… we even called the venue and booked… and got the opening times right !!! IKR!!! We tried real hard.

To be fair, we did manage a lot better than usual.

Right up until nearly midnight on the Thursday.

you see, when I called the venue, they advised preordering at least a couple of the meals, could we please email them for an up to date menu, cos the one on the website is outta date… no problem, emails sent, twiddle thumbs… wwait a day or so, chase….. wait another day, call them … get told no problem, will send it out in next couple of days… wait…. chase…. get email just before midnight:- “i am sorry to inform you the bull ith thorn is now shut for buisness as the brewery are closing it down.” Dammit, sorry to hear that, but a bit more notice would have been awesome…

So a bit of frantic re-organisation on friday saw Jaqs calling a few venues for us and scoping some out, then we bit the bullet and decided that we were Castleton bound again.

In the end it all worked out fine 😀 3 convoys and a bunch of lone warriors turned up in Castleton for a meal at the Bulls Head, ok we had to scatter over 3 or 4 carparks.. then a bit of a blast down to Bakewell for the traditional dessert 😀  and we has some pics 😀

We have a bunch of ideas ready for next years meets.. wanna come and join in ? wanna be part of the organisation (to be fair, even if you suck at organising you can’t do a worse job than Yeti) shout up on the forum… we are all very friendly  😀


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