, May 12, 2021

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'Punks do Rockingham Christmas Cruise '16

  •   3 min reads
'Punks do Rockingham Christmas Cruise '16

2016 is the second time we have got up in the dead of winter to go to the Rockingham Christmas Cruise dragging ourselves from our warm beds to trudge out into the cold and start the cars. Why do we do it?

‘Cos its worth it, and this year was even better than last year, with a broader range of cars venturing out into the winter sun and even more action stuff going on.

There was some awesome classic American metal, with the thrum of V8s being heard around the paddock, Quite a few british classics, and all host of more modern machines. The Barrel runs and track time were as awesome as ever, and this year there was drifting too 🙂 all good stuff 😀 I’m looking forward to next year already 😀


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