For car enthusiasts, Saturday 8th April was a date marked on the calender that alot of people were looking forward to. That day could only mean one thing, Spring Performance Action Day held at Castle Combe.

Car clubs from all over the UK flocked the tarmac of Chippenham, waiting to get in on the action that lied ahead. With an eery layer of fog first thing in the morning,speculations rose as to whether the day would be sunshine or not. What the attendees of the show wasn’t expecting,was a heat wave all day which made the show even better (even if we did get burnt to a crisp)

Combustion Punks had a 3 plot club stand at the top of the grass bank in the Orange area. With the gazeebo erected (giggity!) it was time to arrange the cars. The 4 chosen ‘Top Punks’ cars were positioned at the front,central of the stand in front of the gazebo. The other members were parked accordingly either side,with the RPG boys and girls parked together showing off their handy work and their paint jobs glistening in the bright sunlight……. Yetidragons MK2 was definitely not the cream of the crop… hes still not washed it….

Through out the day members of the public voted for their favourite car (out of the 4 top cars). The votes were counted and Chris had won with his Purple Supercharged Mk1!

You forget just how HUGE this circuit is, with club stands covering every square inch of grass and asphalt. The club displays certainly had something for everyone, from classics right up to your modern sport hatches. Inside the paddock area was a sea of people, flocking to the trade stands and cars on display. Amongst the sea of sunburnt Brits was a tail back que of cars itching to go on track.

Show & Shine cars were found parked just beside the Mission Motorsport trade stand at the front of the paddocks. The standard was high,the cleaning equipment was out and everyone frantically polishing their cars before the judges arrived.

Following the line of cars around brought you through to two more grass areas with even more club stands. Again,the variety was massive and certainly didn’t disappoint. Heading through the trees and up the embankment was a large crowd of people sitting and standing, watching the back corner of the track. It seemed to be the most popular location of the circuit as i never saw it empty. Local refreshment stalls were busy serving the mile long ques in the blazing heat.

With track time flowing nicely,it was time for the drifters to put on a show. Although the circuit has a lot of straights,this didn’t seem to bother the drifters. It wasn’t your typical S-Bodies and BMWs,the event saw a 1JZ powered Jag E-Type,Dragon Performance RX7,V6 Escort Estate and a Levin AE86 with some impressive Aero.

If you want a fun filled,action packed,wide variety car show then you really don’t need to look any further. Spring Performance Action day has the full package.We would definitely recommend this show to anyone and everyone!


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