First show of the season! Was it good? YES! will we go again next year? HELL YES!

So what was it all about, and what happened? Well…… make yourself comfortable kids, Grandad has got his slippers on and his mug of Horlicks and he is gonna tell you a story….

Billed as “Be inspired and enthralled by non-stop track action, awesome paddock displays, thrilling drifting demos, public track time & passenger rides – a real kick start to the year!”

We found out just before the show that there was camping available… details were a bit sparse… errr like… £8 in advance, £10 on the gate, and not much else. So we got a little concerned when we turned up at 11pm and the first 2 gates we went to were locked and there were no lights or noise of any kind from the dark forboding space beyond…. hmmmm… No Worries, 3rd gate was a charm, although the guy on duty didn’t know any details re the camping and we were pretty much on our own to find a way around the outskirts of the circuit… in the end we just found the show stand and camped there, no worries really, it was now midnight and all we really wanted to do was turf the stand equipment out of the back of the van and get our heads down for a few hours sleep before having to get up to set up the stand.

Because of the short notice on the camping, it was just Clare and myself who took up the camping, good thing too, seeing as we packed everything we thought we’d need, like gas burner, bacon, a few rolls, coffee etc. Pity we forgot a frying pan. So after some very dodgy “cooked on exhaust manifold and open flame of gas stove” bacon sandwiches we got down to the serious business of sleeping till the alarm at 5:30 to set up the stand

Yeah……… that 5:30 alarm didn’t go off, or we slept right through it.  We awoke at 7AM to some of the stands next to us setting up, no probs, still a while till the first convoy was due to arrive, a shift of the rental van and MX5, a quick plan of stand layout and we started unpacking all the show equipment. The first convoy arrived shortly after, Chris Morris / Welshy1 and about 15 MX5s from just across the bridge in South Wales. They quickly parked up  while Chris and Clare flapped arms and pointed to spaces before mucking and getting the Gazebos and flags up. Many thanks to the guys who helped set everything up, they killed it, and by the time any more cars arrived everything was erected and parking went smoothly and we had a decent show stand of 37 cars.

Looking around the show, there was a great cross section of vehicular sweetness from several decades in many styles. Whether you like old school fords like the MK1 and MK2 Escorts (with all sorts of engine conversions) or Jap power houses , or EuroBoxes with all the lows, there were plenty of gems to titillate your tastes. Moar pics? yeah we got a few 😀 we also deposited a few of the Sweet Ride cards so the owners knew we appreciated their hard work and dedication, quite a few have got in touch on facebook / the forum since to see what pics were taken of their cars.

When we had all had our fill of socialising and banter and looking at awesome stuff the stands started to thin out and we started to pack up. Pip, Shazda, Bam Bam and JDM_Clare all worked like troopers taking down the show stand, flags and gazebos and packing them all away in a state ready for The FastShow next weekend. Its amazing how much stuff you can fit in the back of a forester aint it Pip 😀 So all the show stand is tucked up in storage at RPG under Pips protection, and he will be lugging half of it to Fastshow (Smaller stand), then all of it to Japfest…… then Mayday weekend, even tho he can’t attend, he will be dropping all the gear off on the saturday morning, and picking it all up after we are finished at Donington Historic on the Monday.  Huge thanks Phil. It is mucho appreciated!



Badges earned:-

Chris Morris, Convoy Leader, Parking attendant
Clare Gaffoor, Support Vehicle, Parking attendant, ShopKeeper, Home Maker, Home Breaker
Phil, Home Breaker, Support Vehicle, Convoy Leader
Bam, Home Breaker, Shop Keeper
Reechard, ShopKeeper
Matthew James, Organiser, ShopKeeper, Home Maker, Home breaker.





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