Trax has been a bit of a weird one for ‘Punks. We’ve been once before, several years ago… How long ago, well I can’t remember without looking, and accuracy isn’t required here so we’ll just say a few years… It was after we got the first set of flags, before we got the gazebos… How do I know that? Cos it pissed it down for most of the day and we spent much of the time trapped in our cars… And mine leaked like a sieve… Added to that I managed to block 1 of the 2 main entrances (the one from the campsite)  when Bankruptcy decided to shed a belt through her crank angle sensor wires on a piece of single track…. so wasn’t the best day out ‘Punk have ever had.

But on the face of it, it should be a really good show. It’s at a venue we usually get good attendance numbers,  It isn’t limited to what cars we can display like Japfest, and for once it didn’t clash with JAE. but at the end of what has been a very long season who knows how many people are going to turn up.

At the end of it all, we managed a petit and bijou stand of 9 cars and managed to have a great day out. On a personal note I think this is the show that I have seen the most of all year, with a smaller stand, and not fielding the merch stand I was free to enjoy everything the show had to offer.



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