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Well I think we have had a very successful end to the year 🙂 trax, although wet, was a huge step for us 🙂 25 cars on our first stand is bloody impressive, and it is all down to you guys spreading the word about our little community 🙂
One thing that trax has taught us ( and other events that some of us attended this year,like retro rides and JAE) is that the actual show is only part of the whole experience. The camping and comradrie in the lead up to the show is a HUGE part of the community experience (possibly the biggest part from a community point of view) and I feel it’s that sorta thing we should be concentrating on along with “doing” events like drift, track and drag days etc :D
We have already started building a list of events and shows to attend next year,and the lean towards “doing” events, such as the drag days, drift days etc is evident

One fly in the ointment though is that we are a bit short on gear,and have been leaning heavily on the Cribbs for shelter, power, heating, food….. Yep, the Combustionpunks camping has pretty much been sustained by Steve James and James with their Homey bus and awning. Which is hugely appreciated! But a little unfair! And it leaves us a bit in the shit if they cannot make a show.
But I have a solution 🙂 yep, its warchest time! But this is going to be different! The nutz warchest (seeing as that is what a lot of us are familiar with) was always led by generous donations from within the community, usually in fits and bursts as we made appeals for different gear. (Flags etc)
I want to try and focus us a bit better, and hopefully have a better cash flow and aims, and hopefully have the forum support itself in the long run.
To this end, I am going to ensure that all profit from Combustionpunks merchandise for at least the whole of ’13 and ’14 goes into the Warchest. Yep all stickers, clothing,stuffed drift charms etc, anything in the “combustionpunks” section of the store, all profit goes straight to the kitty. Up until now all these items have been sold pretty much at cost, so I’ve missed a bit of a trick there… never mind, I’m sure we’ll make up the ground :D
Added to that, I am going to be putting in 20% of all my personal sales into it too, ie the fibreglass parts I make and sell through the Combustionpunks shop / eBay, and I am going to back-date that with all sales made so far, so we have a bit of a head start on the funds.

The idea is to have a pool of equipment that is always ready to be used for ‘punks events, no renting, no collecting from mates of mates, no need to rely on member x to be attending etc etc.
A few Initial aims, please feel free to add suggestions :D


  • Event shelter
  • Power source (Generator)
  • Cooking equipment (bbq / Stoves )
  • More flags (bigger, cos we all know thats better :D)
  • speakers and music source

So look out for more merchandise appearing in the store :D Carry on spreading the word to all your friends :D 2014 is going to be an AWESOME ‘Punks year :D

Thanks guys, your efforts and enthusiasm for our little forum is amazing :D and will keep pushing us to bigger and better things



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