What an awesome day out Sunday at Rockingham’s first ever Christmas event! We had a 30 car strong stand and a great variety of vehicles. Plenty of us took advantage of the well priced Sprint Challenge and had a total blast. Fastest sprint of the stand was Yetidragon with a 22.21, (he strongly stresses it was a 21.21 without the 1 second cone penalty :P) Most impressive to me was one of our youngest club members, Joe, in his mk2.5 mx5, one of his sprint videos here, awesome skills….

and Yetidragon, cos he’ll sulk if hes left out

Rockingham had put on a fine few hours of entertainment. From track sessions on one side of the stands with great views of the hairpin (given the driving conditions, made excellent viewing) and the sprint challenge on the other. The staff at Rockingham were also kind enough to open up the garages for shelter from the December weather, as well as hot food and drinks being available. There were certainly some interesting cars across the 400 people that attended. Photo’s courtesy of Chris Baker Photography here: Chris Baker Photography

some more photos of the day here:

Big thank you to Philip Westwood, owner at RPG Garage in Birmingham, for organizing a large part of the West Midlands convoy, also to Bam Bam Hughes of Violent Running Syndicate for filling up the stand with new members and bringing over the Telford convoy and to all the ‘Punks members that came from far and wide, what a great way to end the 2015 Show Season, here’s to another year of Car Punkin’ Goodness!

Some of the entrance shots can be found here.. I had no idea there was a camera waiting at the other end of the tunnel….Motorsportinfocus

If you enjoyed the convoy, why not check out ‘Punks next Super Peaks Meet in February Events Calendar
Stay tuned for more track time, auto testing and events!

Thanks for reading!
-JDM Clare


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