Ok, this could take a loooooong time, so I'll attempt to summarise the last 11 years of MX5 ownership ...

February 2009 and I'm commuting to work on my motorbike and one of the "I'm sorry I didn't see you" brigade sideswipes me into a hedge.  I ended up with a broken arm, so needed something to get me to work while I was in plaster

Ebay came to the rescue, and I was soon the owner of a 1991 Eunos Roadster.  I started to modify it but realised how deep a pit I was about to jump into, so managed to buy a nicely modified 1991 Eunos off a guy called Phil who ran Performance 5

I could cut the story short there by saying "I still own that car today, but that's missing out a few changes, and a few other cars that have come & gone ...

When I first got it,  Phil was using it himself, he had bought it off one of his customers and in some ways it was perfect, 1991 V Special in British Racing Green with a 1.6 engine with mild head work, nice manifold and exhaust, P5 suspension and some extra braces underneath and a Hard Dog Roll bar. It had been set up by Phil, so the handling was spot on ... my mistake was spending too much time on 'another forum' and reading about all the amazing things people were doing with these cars

Over the years I've tried pretty much everything going with it ... changed to a 1.8 engine, then added throttle bodies. Changed that to an MP45 supercharger and then sold that for a BRP MP62 supercharger.  Sold that for a Mazda V6 setup which I never actually fitted because a Rotary setup came up for sale ... which I never fitted either!

I ended up back with a 1.8 engine on Toyota AE111 throttle bodies, and then ditched those for a turbo ... you get the idea by now.
The car is currently stripped right back to the chassis. It's going to have a Mk2 RS engine put in it to get it back on the road and the current plan is to slot a Honda V6 in as soon as I can, although that's definitely subject to change!

While all that was going on, I was also messing with everything else ... I've always liked making bits myself, so started in 2009 by making my own spoiler, and have designed my own Roll Bars and cage, and also dropped the floors to give more headroom.  

I'll skip over the rest and just give a summary of where I'm currently up to in the next post


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