, August 01, 2021

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So you wanna do a ZOMBIE drift day?

  •   1 min read
So you wanna do a ZOMBIE drift day?

So, we are we are having The Drifting Dead DWYB day, so our usual list of items to take to DWYB just won’t cut it!

Luckily IsoMX has a fully prepped list for us, so in addition to the list for a normal drift day you will need:-

  • Double barrelled shotgun
  • machete
  • baseball bat
  • shovel
  • box of records
  • a fat guy that gets used as bait (not deliberately of course, but hey if he can’t run fast enough…)
  • The pistol with one bullet for handing to a mate who got bit
  • The kick ass guy with the crossbow….


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