So you wanna go to a drift what you brung day… but you dunno what to take, what you’ll need, what to expect? lets try and answer all those for you 😀

First and foremost, DWYB is friendly….. Very friendly.

This is a great social day, there is no competitiveness, no stress, you can chat with anyone, pretty much everyone will give hints and tips, the marshals and photographers there are all experienced and have skills and are very prepared to share them 😀 there are always some very skilled drifters there, and pretty much everyone will give you passenger rides to pick up tips.

Start the day as you mean to go on 😀 There will be some queuing while waiting for practice pens / track, but the thing with queuing is that you are not by yourself 😀 watch the action, Smile and laugh, chat with everyone you can and join in the banter.

No one wants to see anyone stranded or having a bad day, in my experience people will always help out with tools / spares, just be friendly and chatty and ask politely 😀

So what do you HAVE to take? errrr…. very little really….
Remember, at all these days there are people that bring everything, or at least, between everyone there, there will be everything 😀 If you re not afraid of making new friends, and asking to borrow stuff, then you only really need:-

min required:-
[ ]Rear Wheel Drive car with LSD / Welded diff. (Not expensive, cheaper the better really 😀 )
[ ]Cash
[ ]Check that track has a tyre supplier / fitter
[ ]Drivers License if required by track
[ ]Ticket
[ ]Helmet if required by track
[ ]locking wheelnut key
Yeah, so basically if the track doesn’t need a helmet you can just rock up with the contents of your wallet and have fun 😀

Moderate of prep:-
[ ]Min list
[ ]Spare tyres / wheels
[ ]Jack
[ ]Basic tools
[ ]zipties
[ ]Gaffertape
[ ]Snacks and Drinks
[ ]AA / RAC / Greenflag (may need to blag a tow a couple of miles from track)

Incase of Apocolypse:-
[ ]Min list
[ ]Moderate list
[ ]more tools
[ ]Trolley jack
[ ]Oil
[ ]coolant
[ ]Power steering fluid
[ ]spare lenths of wire
[ ]Camera
[ ]SD cards
[ ]batterys / chargers
[ ]Drinks and snacks
[ ]Rags
[ ]Warm clothes
[ ]Thermal layer
[ ]Rain coat
[ ]Popular spares for your car
[ ]lengths of pipe for emergency repairs
[ ]Hammer

If there is a group of you going, then of course you can share the “Apocalypse” list between you and be well sorted for the day, and each of you will be carrying less in the car 😀 Kinda important it you are rocking an MX5 like I am 😀

And of course



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