, May 12, 2021

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Some past events.... and the upcoming Deepcar Autobodies Open Day

  •   1 min read
Some past events.... and the upcoming Deepcar Autobodies Open Day

So in the past we have helped organise some cool local events… not the award winning show stands we have had recently, some cool grassroots kinda days at some of our mates local businesses… but why mention that today? well… it is something we are getting back to, we love social events, esp when mixed with cars, so we are ramping up our activities again,  and first along is Deepcar Autobodies open day which we are helping arrange with Dave and Emily. we helped out on one of their previous ones and it was a great day, there was even videos, care of DropOutMedia 😀

So when is it? whats gonna be going on? can you make suggestions of what to do at this, or any other things Combustionpunks is involved with? errr yep… head over the the forum here:-

What else have we got planned for the coming months… plenty 😀 and we’ll be announcing more soon… we have BIG plans


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