Featured Cars
Is a cool new way of getting some of the most interesting builds, pretty rides, totally tatty, or just pristine OEM cars onto the front of the stand for some public attention at shows and events…
The idea is to have some fun, make the stand a little more interactive, make new friends and of course, a little friendly, internal competition!

Spring Performance Action Day
Was the first Club stand of the year for ‘Punks, 2nd year running,  a first to try out the new Featured Car Display… We weren’t expecting it to go quite as well as it did, but we’ve still come away with ideas and inspirations for the next Display (Japfest baby!)

With 4 featured cars on display, only one could end the day as “Top Punk” earning not only team points for their ‘Punks Team, (NEW to the Forum!) but also an exclusive selection of “Top Punk” merch and stickers and some blog and website coverage…

We printed out some voting slips, took some pens, resourced a makeshift sign and barraged the public for their favourite car out of the top 4 center display.

The 4 Featured Cars to choose from…

@TeamRPG’s OTT with the mean green Subaru, Dipped at RPG
photo credits to Chris Baker Photography

@TeamPMS’s Captain J, rocking hard with his Boosted Blue MX5photo credits to Philip Westwood, RPG
@TeamTOKU had a strong lead with a huge favourite; HoodedReeper’s Purple Monster
and somehow, @TeamAWESOME’s Captain JDMClare with Yetidragon’s Fastback

Smashing it out of the water, with a majority lead on votes was
@TeamTOKU’s HoodedReeper with his ongoing ’91 Supercharged build
“The Purple Monster”

We caught up with Chris after the show to ask him a few questions…

You’ve been building it for the last 3-4 years, is that right?
Ive owned the car for about 3 1/2 years now
You’ve had some recent body Work done, its looking great. Where does your inspiration come from?
To be honest I’ve just winged it and bought items here and there and it seemed to have just fallen together perfectly. Some things have been trial and error but it seems I’ve got a good eye on what would work and what wouldn’t. More luck than judgement? Who knows lol
What is your favourite Mod Fitted so far?
That’s a tough one, probably the supercharger conversion
What new mods do you have ready to fit?
That would be telling! I’ve got a few things up my sleeve for later on this year
How does it feel to be voted favourite car of the CP stand?
It felt pretty awesome, just being there with the club as a whole was enough. Winning Top Punk was an awesome end to the show #TeamTOKU

We can’t wait to see what this year brings build wise from you Chris!
Thank you again for being such a sport, and congrats on winning TOPPUNK!

A massive thank you to everyone who participated, we’re all looking forward to the next show,
Japfest at Silverstone 30th April.

If you want to vote for the 5 Featured Cars for the JF stand, head over to the ‘Punks forum now….

If you want to read more about HoodedReeper’s Purple Monster Build,
Check out his blog HERE

photo credits to Chris Baker Photography

Hello Show Season 2017, we’ve been waiting for you!
See you at the next one,
JDMClare x


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