This is the story of how NOT to organise a Super Peaks Meet…. and how it all works out in the end anyway….

Here are some pics and some words…. not sent yours in yet? Dont worry, we will keep on adding pics for the next couple of days, so send your pics and vids to us , password is superpeaks, and we will get them added here and on the facebook page.

So we went to the peaks…. it is something that we have done many times before, this is the fifth super peaks meet, and being in February it isn’t usually over-subscribed. As JDMClare posted a few weeks ago, we did a bit of prep work, went and found a new venue, checked carpark size, had a drink, it looked awesome 😀 we thought it would be perfect….. problem number 3….. we didn’t tell the Bull i’th Thorn we were coming… pure mis-communication… I thought Clare did it,  Clare thought I did it…. in our defence we didn’t think there would be huge numbers and our minds were all wrapped up in organising the upcoming show season (not a great defence) Problem number 4…. we might have somehow got opening time wrong… but we’ll get to all that in a bit… notice I didn’t start at Problem 1? Thats cos our cockups started even before we left Sheffield…

Local Meets and convoys

Problem 1…..

Underestimating how many people are going to turn up for your convoy, and so the meeting point isn’t appropriate…. about 6 cars we thought…. yeah, 6 or 7 will turn up for the sheffield convoy, so instead of concentrating on a meeting point with loads of parking and a nice easy access to the route to help get loads of cars going in the same direction at the same time, we went for creature comforts and easy to find, so the McDonalds on farm road ended up a bit full when 24 cars turned up…. and 24 car convoys in city centres with traffic lights and junctions… that isn’t easy with out a plan… no worries… we had a plan…

Problem 2…..

Not enough comms in the convoy. Ok so we tried to avoid convoy problems. We posted the route  in case people got lost along the way, we went and chucked CBs in a couple of cars to help out on the road, we had a willing scape goat / volunteer to lead the convoy and a bit of a rough plan about Miljoenen being front car, JDMClare bringing up the rear in her easy to spot orange MX5 and Myself with passenger Joe35 running around in the middle with camera and gopro doing cameracar duties. OK there are a load of traffic lights, but we’d posted the route yeah? we can always re-gather on the way, esp with the help of CBs and a tailgunner…. Why does Miljoenen use apple maps? why didn’t we put CB cars in the front and back rather than in the middle? Oh yeah, passenger for pic taking… Oh FFS, why is the Orange Deathtrap in the middle of the convoy? yep, in the scramble to get 24 cars out of a teeny tiny carpark and through a few sets of lights and junctions we had kinda scattered and got out of order… but we learnt from this, the next convoy between Pub and Matlock went a lot smoother with CBs front and rear, but thats a bit later on….

Other convoys? yeah there were loads, coming from Manchester, and Birmingham amoungst other locations… how did their journey go? well I didn’t hear tales of loss and injury so must have gone better than the Sheffield one 😀 I’m kinda hoping we’ll get some words from some of the guys in the other convoys to post up too…

At the Bull i’ith Thorn Pub

Which gets us to problems 3 and 4….

Problem 3. getting the damn opening times wrong….

I mean…. how basic is this? you got a bunch of people turning up somewhere… kinda helps if the place you are going is open yeah? but nope… somehow we managed to get this basic bit wrong, and ended up at a closed pub an hour before the doors are set to open on a cold windy day…. and my hopes for the day started sinking lower when I saw just how many cars were turning up, and I realised about Problem 4..

Problem 4. Not warning the venue

slowly realiseation started to dawn…. wouldn’t the pub have mentioned they weren’t open till 12… oh hang on, we really did forget to tell them DAMMIT… now this is gonna be fun…. a Pub car park rammed, in some places 3 cars deep… could you imagine opening your curtains in the morning to a jam packed car park and wondering WTF is going on… it gets better…. they were up till 3am with an 80s party… before starting to tidy up….. so I was greeted by a quite tired and confused looking propriator. Apologies were given, forgivneess begged for… one shamefaced Yeti left wandering the carpark..

The Bull i’th Thorn staff pulled a blinder though. soon afterwards, and a long time before their advertised opening time, the door was opened and ‘Punks were allowed to warm their chilled bones in front of the Pubs open fire and drinks were available from the bar. OK the bar was 4-5 people deep for a long time as they only had one member of staff available to serve, but come on… I think that is our (My) fault. the other staff it appears were tidying up the other rooms in an effort to get us all places to sit because soon after other rooms were made available to us and soon enough there was plenty of seating for all, and the promise of hot food was approaching at midday…. again there would be a bit of waiting.. but something tells me if I had given advance warning then this would have been very different! A huge thanks to the Bull i’th Thorn pub for hosting us and doing so much hard work to make us welcome. We will be back in October… and I have promised to warn them this time!

Moving on….

So with a lot of us having eaten, and people getting itchy feet we decided to try and move the 50 or so cars to another location, this time in 2 stages, first one leaving around ten past one, the next following on about half hour later when everyone else had finished food, I was given a venue, Matlock Sainsburys to get the second convoy to   … or was it the train station… ah well, after a brief stop in sainsburys carpark with  a few people running in to the toilet and pick up some drinks, we joined convoy number 1 at the trainstation.

Ok, so we are all together, but there isn’t exactly much to do in a train carpark, and some ‘Punks had been here a while, lets find another venue…..


Luckily over the last few years I have scoped out a few venues for the superpeaks meet. and there was one just 3 miles down the road, and as a bonus it was the other side of Matlock Bath which is usually nice to cruise through on a Sunday. I had pencilled Cromford in for the Summer Meet as it has plenty of parking, a cafe, some of the mill shops, space to BBQ, and open enough to get a Drone in the air for some aerial photos and video. (not that I was planning to get a drone…. and now I’ve found out Miljoenen has one) This seemed like a perfect opportunity to see what everyone else thought of the location 😀

Don’t let JDMClare get hold of your bobble hat, Ain’t that right Miljoenen….

So after some coffee and cake (lots of cake in the case of Joe35 and Dougy who seemed to have a few slices from the range available) we decided to finally call it a day…. Convoy home yo!  although it didn’t end up being the end of the day, a few of the ‘Punks followed us home to ‘Punks towers for a coffee, chat and playing on the Xbox, a great relaxed end to the day with Josh, Cooky Miljoenen, JDM Clare and myself…. we definitely need to get a better ‘Punks Playhouse, you know, with garage space and stuff lol.

A huge thanks to everyone who turned up and joined in the fun! and sent in pictures for us to add to this post (and the facebook page, and the forum) I hope we all have fun with the new badge system, seeing as this meet was the first outing for the stickers.

Again, thanks to the Bull i’th Thorn pub for hosting us! you guys were great!

There. I hope you enjoyed our time together today. you know it seems Harder and harder to just sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. Well, until next time…ta ta! (yeah I know I stole the closing lines 😛 )

Lots ‘o love,



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