February… right now as I type, the sun is shining… in an hour? Who knows what the weather will be like… But who cares when you’re blasting round some epic driving roads with a convoy of friends… Action-Cam’s and CB radios at the ready, its going to be awesome. We’re very excited about the return of the CombustionPunks’ Super Peaks Trio this year (there are three dates set!) The first is of course February, 21st…

Super Peaks Meet

What’s it all about then? Well, traditionally we get a bunch of convoys from surrounding areas, join up and all head out to a meeting point in the Peaks somewhere… Park up and chat, eat, drink, check out members rides and passenger runs in those willing. There are some epic driving roads and gorgeous scenery throughout the Peaks… Well worth a Sunday drive out!

A while back a few of us went to check out a larger venue, it has to be in the right location, with the right pinch of perfect driving roads, somewhere to park 50+ cars and warm inside… This February’s Super Peaks Meet is to be held at The Bull I’th Thorn, Buxton; Super medieval theme throughout, open fire and hot food too 🙂

trio in the peaks
There are large convoys from the West Midlands, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield areas with others tagging along too. We’re hoping to kick start the 2016 Peaks Trilogy with camera footage (from anyone with an action cam) and make a cracking clip- for The CombustionPunks YouTube Channel. We’re also aiming to introduce CB Radios for parts of the convoy this time too, getting all tech… Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend, ‘Punks isnt a sole mx5 group, but there are plenty!

If you’d like to get involved, details of convoys, meeting points, details on the venue and location all over on the club forum, as well as further reading and discussion…
CombustionPunks, Full Of Car Punking Goodness

Sunday 21st February… Super Peaks Meet “The Re-Happening”
Don’t Miss It!

There is a complete lowdown on this years shows, HERE (more to be added as they pop up!)

And in more depth on the forum HERE, go look around 😀


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