So remember back to February? you know, when we had the last Super Peaks Meet (the re-happening),yep, we made a few mistakes but thats ok…. we’ll learn from them yeah? …….Yes??? ….. Errr Kinda? Here’s another tail of awesome organisational half-assery and some pics…. not sent yours in yet? Dont worry, we will keep on adding pics for the next couple of days, so send your pics and vids to us ,(password punks)

So ok… we did learn a few things…. People like drives out… it helps if you warn the venue you are gonna turn up…. it helps if the venue is open…. meets should be in places with big enough carparks… convoys shouldn’t start from busy town centres… plenty of lessons 😀 and you will be glad to know we didnt’ make (m)any of the same ones again 😀 we made a whole new bunch. You gotta have skills to be this bad.

So what happened this time? well…. we checked the places were open, we checked that they had enough parking, we even managed to warn the meeting point at the Carding Shed (the only one we thought would have any issue with us turning up), the convoys were not starting anywhere stoopid (well not really stoopid) we preplanned a route, posted the route and maps and times, asked for suggestions on the routes to pick up any good roads 😀 all going good so far 😀

So what did we get wrong ? I guess I better got through the plan (although it is on the forum already) Basically it was kinda simple… meet at the Carding Shed at 10am, have a peak around (it is awesome) a coffee (there is a cafe) and get everyone together for a convoy down to Fairholme Visitors Centre, Take a chips order to be collected on the way through Matlock Bath, then onwards to Carsington Water Visitor Centre to eat chips, and have a BBQ for everyone that wanted to instead of chips… awesome, all mapped on google maps  with route and everything… kinda awesome… what could go wrong?

It all started out AWESOME! the weather was great 🙂 (That wasn’t our doing) the carding Shed easily swallowed all our cars into their carpark, the Cafe was open, and a very interesting place to start the day, with plenty to see while waiting for the off…. the off is where our first mistake happened… it seems that 45 minutes just isn’t enough to get us fed and watered…. 10:45 came and went, and so did 11am,… finally we were on the road at 11:05ish… nevermind, we’ll make up a bit of that, and google maps always says its gonna take longer than it does right? errrrrr… nope…

Getting us all out of the Carding Shed and onto the main route took a bit of time, and when moving we frequently had to move slowly, either waiting for cars caught at junctions so no-one got lost, or spending 30mins behind the slowest Skoda ever released from the Czech Replublic on lanes too narrow and windy to pass. This all added up to us being even further behind schedule…. problem with this? Barefoot was already at the end point with a lit BBQ bless him, we still had to take the chip order and we had Frank of Halls Traditional Fish and chips on standby … and we had no mobile phone reception, so a bit tricky to get the order through. oh and google maps was not giving us directions anymore…. bugger. No worries, we kinda know the way and we’ll get signal on route, which we did 😀 the chip order was released from the confines of Clares phone by the local cell towers and they allowed google to send the important directions to my phone.

Smooth sailing for a few miles then 😀 until we realised that the peaks were a bit busy, and as we approached bakewell it got a little bit busier.. and busier…. oh bugger, yep there was a big event on and we were gonna get a bit split up in bakewell… and then some one (it might have been me) made a wrong turn when GPS lock got lost and we were no longer on the road to matlock bath… convoys aint the easiest thing to turn around, and it looked like we had split into 3 sections now… no problem, a quick stop in the Matlock train station, a re-arrange and Joe35 was on his way leading a section of the convoy to Carsington Water visitors centre, and I nipped into Matlock bath to meet JDMClare who had handed the part of the convoy that had kept up with her to Connor and his dad to meet Joe35 at Carsington, we legged it into (the very busy) Matlock Bath to collect the chippy order and rejoin every one at Carsington.

So the chips…. we are very lucky to have amoungst our friends Frank Hall. Aswell as oranising awesome charity trackdays (Post coming soon) and having some awesome car and fabrication skills, Frank also happens to run a chipshop in Matlock Bath, Halls Traditional English Fish & Chips. he had made up our order (quite a big one as you can expect) and had it all ready and waiting for us, wrapped, named and boxed, complete with salt shaker, vinegar bottle and sauces (Which I have to remember to get back to him,) he even risked life and limb carrying boxes of his produce to my car across a very busy Matlock Bath highstreet. He’s a star and you should go and see him if you are in Matlock Bath and need a feeding, or get yourself onto one of his track days, the next one is in September, they are very relaxed affairs and there is an eclectic mix of cars there, its great if participating or just come along and get a few passenger rides, its a great day out, complete with camping and socialising for the brave :D.Onwards to Carsington water where there were a lot of hungry mouths, a BBQ and Chippy meal was awaited.

Unfortunately I missed Barefoot 🙁 he’d had to run before I arrived, but massive thanks to him, Ben and Naomi for sorting out the BBQ.  Connor, his dad and Joe35 for getting the final convoys to Carsington, JDMClare for all the prepwork and sorting out the chip order, to Frank for his fine fodder and for being so patient with the delays,  Miljoenen and Dougy for letting us use a load of their pictures and to everyone who came and made it the day it was 😀

So errrr…. so the new lessons to learn….

  1. Check what else is going on at all the places you are going through… Cos then you might know you are gonna spend a bit of time in traffic
  2. Dont miss a turning…. you can’t easily re-route a 20 car convoy
  3. Remember that mobile signal sometimes isn’t the best in the peaks….
  4. Spit Convoy into managable chunks
  5. physical maps to hand out
  6. Get moar cars carrying CBs (yeah that one is left over from the last run)
  7. Bulk orders of food take a while to take…




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