You know how it goes, you are somewhere minding your own business, then you suddenly come across a gem, snuggled up in the supermarket car park, or out on the street. so you introduce yourself to her, and take a few pics on your phone to remember her by.
You’d love to let her owner know that you appriciate the work that has gone into crafting her….. but how to do that? a briefly  scribbled note? dammit, no paper, pen has hidden itself away again.
It is an issue we have come up against quite a bit here at ‘Punks, so we thought, how about a business card? We also thought that it would be good to share the pics, so made a whole section on the forum just for these moments, you know, make it a bit more social 😀 and share the word of the ‘punks around a bit. So we went ahead and made the “Sweet Ride” cards 😀 (Available from the store now)
so what do you do with them? its easy 😀
  1. Place card on the object of your desire
  2. Snap a few pictures
  3. Upload pictures, along with any info on the car that you know
  4. The owner may even turn up and tell you more about her 😀

Hope you guys have fun with them 😀


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