Time was quickly passing and I was running out of time to get the car sorted ready for my track day. I spoke to a couple of people who work with bodywork (to get a price on cutting out and replacing the N/S/R arch) and they said it
First part of this update is some good news, I've booked my first track day of the year woohoo! I'll be heading to Snetterton in July with a small group of friends so its gonna be a fun day. When the Gizfab manifold was fitted it made the exhaust quite
Time for part 3! If you made it this far, well done. Good luck on this one though. It may only be 3 cars in length, but it's all dailies, and they're all diesel. so not overly exciting. There gets a point where you look at your race car/drift
Its been a busy couple of days The wings were removed to be repaired and rust treated. I'm by no means experienced with body work/filler so this isn't gonna be a fantastic job lol With the filler sanded and the Kurust dry, I gave the treated areas a coat
This is what I'll call the MX5 portion of my history. After all the French turds, I moved on to bigger and better cars. Well, not bigger physically... you know what I mean. HTMLFont size Mazda MX5 (1996 UK 1.8) My first MX5. Where my love of MX5s began.
After what seemed a life time waiting for delivery, the next segment of the build had arrived and was ready to be fitted. The first being a Sparco Sprint L seat and OMP 4 point harness. A friend modified the stock seat runner to allow the Sparco seat to be
Hello everyone. My name is Link. I haven't posted, well, anything in a very long time. So I thought I'd start with something fairly simple, my past cars. Part 1 being the French ones. I'm not going to count any I bought specifically for breaking, or I didn't insure and
The boot floor under carrige got cleaned up and undersealed ready for the next mini project I applied the same techniques I used for the R34 diffuser but as a mini version. The hole in the middle allows the factory tow hook to still be accessable and functional (although the
Its been a busy couple of weeks I'll start off by sharing a Mighty Car Mods inspired poster I created. I'll update the car when its eventually finished and I'll get it printed and framed to go along side my Mira and Super Turbo posters. Finding a background image was
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