, May 12, 2021

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Punks Builds

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All the Punks builds, all in one place.... some will get finished.

  December 09, 2020

Rusty MX5s

Ok, this could take a loooooong time, so I'll attempt to summarise the...

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  December 06, 2020

Kara PT22 MOAR engine build goodness from RotMods

Lokki is really putting me to shame this last week.... BEHOLD THE ENGINE...

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  December 04, 2020

Kara PT21 RotMods start un-destroying my Engine...

..... and I make little piles of bits on my workbench The ever-productive Lokki...

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  December 03, 2020

Micra K11 Blog Entry 021

Today I wanted to get the last remaining jobs ticked off the list...

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  November 30, 2020

Kara PT20 RotMods destroyed my Engine! and I tried to do some stuff

So with the outsourcing underway - and the updates I keep getting from...

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  November 27, 2020

Kara PT19 RotMods Kidnapped my engine!!!

Anyone who is avidly following the build of my latest folly will have...

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