The front and rear arches were rolled and the inner arches cleaned,wire brushed, rust treated and undersealed The rear drums also got a coat of Smooth Black Hammerite So the search for new wheels continued. I have been wanting to put a set of cool japanese wheels on the
A few weeks ago I asked my friends if anyone had a 15x8j ET0 wheel I could borrow to test fit. A friend said he had some from a Civic EK which I could use. With the wheel mounted, I was pleasantly surprised how well they fit but they had
In January I ordered quite a few items, some were made to order and with this on going pandemic things were a little slower than usual. The first to arrive is the most marmite purchase. This was the whole reason I did the pre-facelift swap, JUST so I could have
Back in October I bought some Almera N15 1.6 calipers. These are a single piston caliper with 252mm vented discs,compared to the K11 single piston caliper with 234mm solid discs With the brakes stripped off I wire brushed the hubs and shock absorber body down ready for a
A throwback to when I fitted the side skirts, I discovered the N/S/R sill was rather soft, having poked a 50p size hole when finding a solid area to mount the side skirt. I also had the O/S front and rear jacking points cave in on me,
With the hope of attending a couple of track days this year, I wanted to help prepare the car abit better. The first add on were some aftermarket gauges. A friend had 2 sets of 3 gauges for sale, 60mm Pro Plus with smoked lenses and 52mm Motor Meter Racing
There comes a stage with every car build I have where the car is looking really good (perhaps perfect in some eyes) and nothing needs to be changed or altered. Then I get an idea in my head, become determined to carry out said idea(s) thus ruining the car
most of the largest items of fabrication work that can be completed with Kara on the spit is pretty much done, so looking at getting her onto her sill stands so we can start on the seat mounts - I am not gonna try and climb my heavy ass into
I purchased an eBay short shifter a few months ago but was waiting for the exhaust to be changed to do so. While the Gizfab 4-2-1 Manifold was being fitted I also installed this along with a new stock middle section. Installation was straight forward with the help from Leadfoot's
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