That’s right… ‘Punks decided to step away from the usual Jap and Classic events and add a little kick start to the year with something different at Santa Pod… The Fast Show…
We came, we saw, we conquered…
The rain, the frost, the winds, the mud, and throughout it all, I think we put on a right good stand!
DSC_0923The first Combustionpunks Stand at The Fast Show, and first club event at Santa Pod went down came together effortlessly…. We had a 10 car stand with 9 in attendance, 8 camped and convoyed down together and everyone helped utilise the small grass display area we had been allocated to its full potential… Other clubs quickly replicated our stand layout making the most of the space, leaving room for the ‘punks gazebo which was put up just in time before the rains came in. Pip had bought along the support vehicle again, and a handy petrol fueled dual camping stove which he later fed all of us from, ( no one died. ) Thanks Pip!
DSC_2228~2After foods and setting up tents, (and the 50 mile round trip @Shazda and I took in the mx5s in search of camping chairs and food supplies for everyone), we all took the short walk across the grass displays towards the NO2 Night Club, eager to check out the promise of the Lap Dancing room, (turned out to be a pay on the door kind of portable office, to which we were all very disappointed!)

DSC_2233~2The club tent was well packed out and banging, accommodated and sheltered us all well. £24 for a round of Jager and two beers ( thanks BamBam ), the tunes were bringing us all up towards the end of a long, wet and windy evening and after a bash around on the dodgems (super awesome fun) and a walk around the fun fair, we retreated back to the warmth of the punks gazebo with pizza.


Turns out camping in early spring this year is vile! I don’t think anyone had a good thing to say about the experience from our club stand, other than Shazda and Pip, sleeping well into the morning in the back of the Forester smothered in duvet,  only waking for coffee and breakfast, you’re welcome…

DSC_2235~2(Yes! Got my chef badge at breakfast!)

During the night, after the rain had stopped, there was a heavy frost and a constant disturbance from various vehicles and sound systems. – Possibly the venue could do with a curfew for campers and a stricter policy on arrival enthusiasm? –  Between the over energetic campers around the field and the freezing conditions, none of us had more than  a couple hours kip… But! Bright and early Sunday morning, Elly arrived in the RX8, its first show of the year, and completed the stand. After much coffee,  and Stuart had taken a pic of Elly’s pretty wheels, we all wandered off for a look around the tarmac stands, trade area and the strip.
DSC_2248~2The trade area consisted of the usual clothing, cleaning and sticker stands and a display from Kode, sporting some pretty alloy parts some of us couldn’t resist… There were a variety of cars on display across the tarmac stands, not as much Jap as we’re used to, (a few excellent examples caught the eye, the AE86 was IMO best car there!) But plenty of tastefully modified Fords and French hatches, sporting glorious designs of hydrodipping and plastidip, creative additions in the bays and plenty of inspirational touches to be had.

The strip action was impressive all day, Team Extreme bought down their Supra, GTR and Bentley GT for some testing and saw 8 second passes from each of their vehicles. Plenty of drag bikes and other builds took a run down the 1/4 mile and the RWYB competition results are now up on the Fast Show site.

Leaving the venue proved long and interesting, with only one way in and out of Santa Pod and an almost record breaking number of attendees, it was a long, muddy and bumpy process, not everyone made it out in one piece…
splitLooking forward to another day at Pod with warmer weather, a camping curfew, more marshals on exit and more Japanese rarities at Japshow in June, we’re on the tarmac for this one!

Thank you to everyone who made the first ever ‘Punks stand at Santa Pod Raceway, The Fast Show… To those on display, to those who visited the display and the people who helped with the gazebo we called home for the weekend. With convoys, camping, cooking, dodgems, pizza, beers, CB radios and a good mix of friends and vehicles, we made a great weekend of it! Unfortunately due to the weather and the mud, none of us made it off stand to get down the strip, but, we will be back! Badges are available to earn at every show, plenty were earned by many this weekend, the list is below. Japfest next, then Donington Historic Festival! It’s quite a year to be a Combustionpunk, see you there!

Badge awards:-

Support Vehicle:- Pip (Thank you Pip!)
Chef:- Pip, Shazda, JDM-Clare
HomeMaker:- Pip, Stuart, Shazda, Lee, BamBam, YetiDragon, JDM-Clare
Hunter Gatherer:- Shazda, JDM-Clare
Home Breaker: Pip, Lee, Stuart, YetiDragon, JDM-Clare


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