…. Shows and Events from 2016 we loved, hated and ones we’re doing again for 2017…

So, we set 2016 rolling with a dyno day over at Autotronix Developments… a bunch of us got together, commandeered the corner of a quiet little town in Laughton, and set about making some noise with power runs of mx5s.  Members came from far and wide, some 3 hours drive to see what power their builds and buys were putting out…  Others attended merely for the social, with hot drinks on hand, plenty of interesting builds from V6 to Forced Induction, as well as the attendance of the still relatively intriguing ND MX5, which also made an appearance on the rollers….

As always, a great day was had… We’ve had many club days at Autotronix and we will be announcing the Combustionpunks Rolling Road Day 2017, very soon so stay tuned 😉

Not long after the Dyno Day, we all joined forces and made convoys from across the UK and headed out to one of three, Super Peaks Meets! You know the one…. Freezing cold February Sunday, topless drives across the Peak District for a run out, food and photos. Dates for the Super Peaks Meets for 2017 will be announced very soon, and we promise, they will be better than last year…

Start of Show Season
Early April saw the strong and promising start of the 2016 Car Shows for Combustionpunks… Spring Action Day was awesome and we are 100% going again this year, get your tickets from next week on the Punks Shop. We had a HUGE stand for the first official show of the year, and we want you to make it even bigger for 2017!

Billed as “Be inspired and enthralled by non-stop track action, awesome paddock displays, thrilling drifting demos, public track time & passenger rides – a real kick start to the year!”

Just a week later, we were down at Santa Pod Raceway for The Fast Show… The weather was shocking… the stand was on the grass… by the end of the weekend we, the cars and the camping gear were, well… You can see more on the Combustionpunks Youtube Channel

Japfest was the third weekend in April, followed by Donington Historic…  We’ve got photos and coverage on both 2016 events… Read more on Japfest here

Japfest Dropped (223)

and if you wanna check out some of our pics from Donington Historic, hit this link here

It was a crazy month, and this year we’ve picked shows a little differently, going by the majority of attendances last year. We tried to attend as many shows as we all wanted to last year… Some club stands as small as 10 and some as large as 92… For a continuously updated list of 2017 shows Combustionpunks are attending, See the Forum Here

The shows went on, alongside a house move, new jobs, more fiberglassing, more projects, breaking and making cars, new merchandise, forum add-ons and possibly the best year of track days to date…

We made lots of new friends last year, attending charity track days organised by Frank’s Charity Track Day Club  and we’ve been invited to a few more for 2017. did a blog post with a tonne of photos for one of them… read more about it here and stay subscribed for special invitations…

Of course… We’ve made lots of new friends at every event… Spring Action Day, Japfest 1 and 2, TRAX, Donington Historic, Fast Show, JapDay, DYWB at Buxton and Santa Pod, RetroRides, JAE, The MX5 Owners Club Rally,  our own Three Super Peaks Meets and Christmas party, the Rockingham Christmas Cruise and more…. You can see highlights from them all, photos and more all over on the main blog page HERE

The Bit You Wanted to Read…. Dates Confirmed so Far

As hardcore car enthusiasts, there are a few dates already in our diaries for 2017. Booking will vary for each of them, some are direct from the venue, some will require passwords for club tickets and others will be super limited places… Make sure you’re on it for 2017… Stay subscribed for release dates and ticket links, being released throughout the year. Those favorable dates we will be in strong attendance for are so far….

Spring Performance Action Day
Castle Combe
Saturday 8th April

Image may contain: car and text

Japfest 1
Sunday 30th April

Image may contain: text

Japfest 2
Donington Park
Saturday 1st July

Shelsley Walsh
Thursday 17th – 20th August

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Japanese Auto Extravaganza (JAE)
Peterborough Arena
Thursday 31st August – 3rd September

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

Sunday 1st October

Image may contain: car and outdoor

To stay up to date, follow the Club’s facebook page

The real info is always on the Forum

We have an instagram page too...

Wanna join in the chat but not sure how to ‘Forum’? then start out on the facebook group

As always, glorious leader, maker of happenings and top punk YETIDRAGON is working away at all of the club plots, ticket links, badges, forum updates, Super Peaks venues and dates, DWYB Events, new merch and fiberglass orders and way more…. so stay tuned for all the latest updates!

Happy New car Year to all of our friends followers and members, can’t wait to make it the best yet!
Lots of love,


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