An engine swap was always on the cards, sadly nothing extravagant as an SR20 or GA16 but the CG13 or CGA3 from the K11.

Fitting a CG13 1.3 Distributor wasnt straight forward as it'll have to be a mix and match of both engines (1.0 coilpack head, 1.3 distributor bottom end and a mixture of the timing chains from what I can gather).

I held out for a CGA3 1.4 from the later coilpack models as it'd be a direct swap. Luckily Chloe (who I purchased the Almera seats, lowering springs and number plate lights from) was breaking hers due to the CVT box going wrong. Spent one Sunday removing the engine and stripping the car while we had the hoist and it was ready to come home.

The following Wednesday I got the block stripped down minus the crankshaft pulley and idler pulley (they've been removed since) ready to be wire brushed,cleaned and painted.

The rocker cover was removed to check the condition of the top end and it's pretty clean considering its got 105k. The car was originally a 1 lady owner who had a Nissan Service pack on so its been looked after

The sump was also removed so I could clean the oil pick up and check everything was good. Took awhile to remove the original sealant from the sump but some fresh VHT RTV was applied and the sump bolted back on.


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