After what seemed a life time waiting for delivery, the next segment of the build had arrived and was ready to be fitted.

The first being a Sparco Sprint L seat and OMP 4 point harness. A friend modified the stock seat runner to allow the Sparco seat to be mounted. Its a really nice and simple design and he tilted the back up so the seat is level. We noticed the stock seat runner tilts back when bolted to the floor so he raised the rear up so I sit level.

From previous experience, a harness with 2" webbing cut into my shoulders so I made sure to order a 3" version. I was abit dubious with the colour choice but I think it works

The last upgrade is very noticable in the previous photo, a 4 point half cage from Caged Laser. What should have been a reasonably straight forward fit turned out to be quite a head ache.

The brackets aren't exactly a 'direct fit' in particular the rear legs. The cage isn't quite wide enough for the brackets to butt up against the rear wheel tubs. A piece of steel plate had to be sandwiched inbetween to fill the gap. Not the end of the world but abit annoying when neither the supplier or Caged Laser mentioned it when I rang them.

I painted the brackets in red hammerite, but it looked awful so ended up painting the rest of the rear floor to match.

The front hoop obstructs the factory seat belts so the passenger seat has been removed for now. I may leave it out permanently, because (slow) racecar lol

Next job at some point is to remove the front sound deadening and paint the floor to match

I also took a visit to H&S Performance for a wheel alignment. I hadn't had it checked since lowering and replacing the bottom arms (naughty, I know)


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