With the Micra K11 sold it was time to look for the next project.

With a reasonably small budget and no clue to what I want, it made the task a tiny bit difficult.

On the way home from work one evening I followed a stock trim Mitsubishi Colt, I remembered they did a spicey version called the CZT, a 1.5L 4 cylinder turbo hatchback. I did some research and found a couple local. A work colleague has the convertible model and kindly travelled over to Norwich one evening so I could have a look about and a test drive.

I was impressed! I couldn't test out the handling too much as it was soaking wet and I didn't want to push the car beyond my limits. Even with stock suspension it seemed to have good handling along with some decent power delivery.

I got in contact with a seller in Felixstowe (approx 62 miles away) and had agreed to go view the car on Sunday. Unfortuantely this meant having to sacrifice not attending JAE show but I'm sure it would be worth it.

The car was per the advert although the paint work needs some attention (overall its not bad for 16 years old). Theres a few minor things that need sorting, for example the passenger side repeater and door mirror glass, radio display doesn't work (a spare was included) and the air con needs re-gassing.

Although not noticed on the initial test drive, it does need a wheel alignment. One of the front strut top mounts is knocking so I'll get that done at the same time (I'm sure some lowering springs will be thrown into the mix at this point too)

These engines are good for approx 250hp from what I've read, my aim is to achieve a nice safe 220hp which I think will be more than enough (a vast improvement over the Micra's 80hp)

Here are some photos when I arrived home

The headlights could do with a cut back and polish

Damage on the passenger door, hoping this will polish out

Rear bumper scuff

Key scratches above the driver side door handle

Aftermarket door mirror glass lifting from the factory baseplate

Side repeater lens missing

After a quick wash

Let the project begin!


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